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“Am I offering the best retirement plan possible?”
“Are there other plan providers that would better meet my company’s needs?”
“I wish I could contribute more to my retirement plan”
“Plan design, what is plan design and why should I care?”
“I don’t know what my fiduciary responsibilities are”
“Employee education, I think I have it covered”

These are just a few of the questions business owners have when asked about the state of their current company sponsored retirement plan.

At Cornerstone Wealth Management, our service philosophy is designed to assist you in assessing, analyzing and addressing the specific needs of your plan to maximize its value to your organization. Our goal is to improve the overall effectiveness of your plan by helping you:

  • Help you understand and manage your fiduciary risk
  • Review current plan design and compare it to your specific goals and objectives
  • Streamline investment selection and analysis
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Enhance employee education and support
  • Identify and recommend cost efficiencies

We will work with you to design and structure a plan that will meet your plan goals and maximize the effectiveness of your company’s retirement plan.


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