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Corporate Executives & Professionals

When your compensation comes in the form of stock options, large bonuses, and deferred comp, it is important to work with a partner that understands your world and how best to manage the complexities associated with your success.

At Cornerstone Wealth Management, we deliver a comprehensive wealth management program designed to optimize growth of your overall wealth and minimize your tax liability. We do this by reviewing all of your assets to make sure they are allocated appropriately based on your specific goals, objectives, time horizon, risk profile and tax status.

How many more years before your kids head off for college? What is the most tax efficient way to pay for college expenses? Do you have a deferred compensation plan? Do you have non-qualified stock options? Deferred payments from such plans have longer-term implications and the tax ramifications differ for each. When do you plan to retire? Your time horizon is an important factor when choosing investments. We take into consideration all of these questions and more when constructing your investment portfolio. The more we know about you, your day-to-day needs and long-term goals, the more effective your wealth management plan will be.

Our clients find comfort in the fact that we help them handle the world outside their career, a world of many details and little time to allocate to them.

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