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3(38) Service Overview

ERISA 3(38) Service Overview

ERISA defines an investment manager as any fiduciary who can manage, acquire, or dispose of plan assets. An investment manager must be a registered investment advisor, bank, or insurance company. The plan sponsor and/or its trustees are not liable for acts or omissions of the 3(38) investment manager, and are under no obligation to invest or otherwise manage any asset of the plan that is subject to the management of that investment manager.

Access Cornerstone’s Expertise

Cornerstone's 3(38) service utilizes Cornerstone’s independent expertise to screen, monitor, and recommend investment options for plan sponsors. Cornerstone is responsible for the creation and oversight of the 3(38) Investment Menus, offering your plan the opportunity to gain access to some of the top money managers around the world. Cornerstone provides access to the Cornerstone
Dynamic Allocation Portfolios. These custom portfolios provide a globally diversified asset allocation framework, thoughtfully crafted and optmized to capitalize on opportunities and potentially minimize the effects of market volatility.

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