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Tax-enhanced Strategies

Tax implications are key component in managing our client’s wealth at Cornerstone Wealth Management. Our goal is to help you retain as much of your wealth as possible, and continually look for tax-efficient investments and strategies that will help achieve this goal.

Tax Efficient Options:

Depending on your specific circumstances, we may consider including exchange traded products, separately managed accounts (SMA’s) and tax efficient market capture strategies into your plan. We will also recommend, based on your needs/goals/objective, high-grade tax-exempt state and local bonds, tax-exempt bond funds, publically traded master limited partnership’s (MLP’s), MLP Exchange Traded Funds, and tax deferred annuities to help mitigate your portfolio’s tax liability.

We are careful to review all tax lots and assess all tax implications prior to selling specific securities or executing trades. We also look to place less tax-efficient investments in tax sheltered or tax-deferred accounts such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and other retirement vehicles.

Tax Reporting:

In order to provide the highest level of service, we work closely with your personal CPA throughout the year t provide guidance on any investment issues and ensure that your portfolio remains tax efficient. By taking a proactive approach to tax management, we are better able to assist you in preserving your wealth and income.

Private Client Services, LLC does not offer tax advice. Please consult with your CPA or tax preparer for specific tax advice.