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Investment Services

What general types of investment services do you provide?

Our services include a review and analysis of your current holdings, creation of an investment plan, cash flow analysis, asset allocation recommendations, portfolio construction (including manager search and selection), and ongoing performance reporting.

Will my portfolio be customized for my needs?

Yes, each client receives an individualized investment strategy. This strategy will act as our blueprint for your portfolio’s design, based on your financial goals, time horizon, asset allocation, risk tolerance and any other requirements or limitations that you may have.

Do you recommend hedge funds or alternative investments?

It is our practice to incorporate alternative investments when appropriate, including absolute return strategies, long-short equity mangers and managed futures. These, as well as other strategies, may be employed to help lower volatility in your portfolio while potentially improving returns.

Will you give me advice on all of my assets, even those you are not managing?

In most cases we manage the lions share of our clients’ investable assets. On occasion, clients wish to maintain a portion of their assets with another firm, or manage certain holdings themselves. In those instances, we can advise and track those investments through our WealthMap platform for those investments that we do not directly manage.

Will you work with my existing team of professionals, including my attorney and accountant?

Absolutely. This something that we encourage all of our clients to embrace, and will assist in assembling other team members that they may not currently have. Our goal is to simplify your financial life, and one way to do that is by collaborating with your other advisors. Keeping those lines of communication open enables us to provide the best possible advice.

Will you accept securities that I transfer in, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds?

We prefer to transfer your securities in-kind rather than liquidating your holdings and transferring in any cash or cash equivalent investments. We do this for two reasons: One, it allows us to evaluate your positions more carefully prior to selling any holdings, and Two, it makes it easier to consider the tax ramifications associated with repositioning your portfolio.

What do I do if I have particular mutual funds, stocks or other securities that I do not want to sell?

Should you have assets that you don’t wish to liquidate, we can establish a separate account to hold them in. We can report on these holdings and consider them in the overall construction of your portfolio.